Plug-in Vehicles Registered in New York State

I have compiled a table of the registered plug-in electrics in NYS. I used the following DMV searchable database: NYS Registrations Nov 2014. This database doesn’t list vehicles by model. So I used make, fuel and weight to find the prefix of the VIN for each model. The counts are of the VINs listed. The VIN prefixes are in the table for 2 reasons: They can be reused to do other searches; And please let me know if I have any errors in these VIN/Model pairs. NYS Plug-in Vehicles Nov 2014

Notes for using database:

  1. Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids are usually listed as FUEL=GAS, but sometimes listed as ELECTRIC. BEVs are sometimes erroneously listed as GAS.
  2. A few MODEL=GEM, FUEL=ELECTRIC entries are listed as CLASS=PAS, while most are CLASS=LUA (Limited Use Auto). I assumed they were all low speed EVs.
  3. Always use the “Contains” qualifier with all Filter Record Types. For some reason, the “Is” and “Starts with” qualifiers do not find all the qualifying vehicles”.