Adding a KWH meter to an EVSE

This weekend I got my $13 KWH meter from China and installed it on my Schneider EVlink EVSE.  The KWH meter is on Ebay here: and here The price seems to be dropping even lower. There are two models of the meter on Ebay.   Be warned that the one without the current-sense coil doesn’t handle 100A like this one.

The installation was very quick.  Most of the work was the cutout in the plastic case.  For that I used a drill press, hacksaw, utility knife and file.

Here are some pics:





2 Thoughts on “Adding a KWH meter to an EVSE

  1. Trevor on January 19, 2015 at 4:12 pm said:

    Hi, can you explain what you did to hook up your kilowatt meter to your evlink, please?

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