Lease Buyout Experience

I finally bought my LEAF!  Getting a dealer to sell it to me was all I expected and more.

I decided to give the dealer I leased it from a crack at it and they failed miserably (Nissan of Huntington).  When I went there they didn’t know anything about the lease buy-out discounts for the LEAF.  I showed my salesman, Ali, the bulletin number which allows them to look up the deal but they still wouldn’t acknowledge the discount.  I called back after checking with NMAC (Nissan Leasing) and Ali said “he was with a customer, hadn’t looked into the discount, but should be able to get it for me it there was one”  He said he would call back in 10 minutes, but he never called.  Enough with this waste of time!

NMAC was very helpful, confirming a $6000 discount was available until the end of the month and I could use any dealer to buy the car.

So on the weekend I walked into another dealer (Legend Nissan) and asked about the discount.  After giving them the bulletin number they acknowledged the discount and prepared a contract.  The contract was a problem.  The main problem was the sales tax was figured on the pre-discounted price.  I know they get away with this with rebates on new cars but the discount is not a rebate.  They also had a $49.50 charge for wheel locks!  They actually persisted with this non-sense for awhile trying to explain it wasn’t for wheel locks but couldn’t explain what it was for.  They did take that charge away and tried to call NMAC about the sales tax but couldn’t get an answer about that on a Saturday.  There was also a $21 charge for a state  inspection that they claim Nissan requires.  I don’t know where they got $21 from.  NY state inspections are $37 for an ICE car and $10 for a safety-only for an EV.  I waited until Monday and called NMAC and of course they said the sales tax is on the discounted price.  They still charged sales tax on the $300 buy-out fee and I don’t know if that is correct or not.  They changed the $21 inspection fee to $10 after talking to their service dept.

So when I returned on Monday evening I was happy with the deal, having got the f-ing down to a manageable level. Then came the dreaded visit with the “finance guy”.  But apparently hell had to wait, they kept me in the showroom purgatory for about 2.5 hours.  The salesman had warned me there were two people in front of me to see him and seemed surprised when I wanted to wait instead of taking his alternative suggestion of coming back the next day.  However, I didn’t mind waiting and couldn’t imagined the wait being more than a hour.  To my credit, I never complained about the wait.  After about 2 hours the salesman came over with the “Finance Manager” who apologized for “these shenanigans”.  I said “I don’t know anything about “shenanigans” but have been waiting a long time”. Finally the finance guy comes over and introduces himself and we walk over to his office.  On the way, he say I can’t believe your not getting the extended warranty.  I blurt out “Oh, don’t start with the extended warranty sh*t”.  He say something like “what was that” and I toned it down to “extended warranty stuff”.   He didn’t say much more about that except to rebut my argument of it being an EV “You need it all the more for an EV”.  I went ballistic when they hit me with an additional $55 for the title application at the last minute.  Even though I expected that might happen, they slimy way the leave it until the end after having me get a bank check the otherwise exact amount, set me off.  Of course they expect this reaction and go though a little play for me before saying “I’m not paying your title fee”.  When I said I would get the title myself, they said “you can’t when you buy from a dealer.  I bought that, then when I get home and read the receipt, that I didn’t get until I was walking out the door, it clearly states that you don’t have to pay the title application and processing fees and you can get the title yourself.

Anyhoo, here is the receipt for anyone planning to take a dip in the same kind of shark tank: lease_buy_out_receipt